Profit 44 Billions USD - 4,5 Billions Users

Will an investor be found?

I'm looking for an investor for my project - Cryptocurrency for those who do not need bitcoin to confidentiality of the transactions.

USD 44 billion is an nonsense! - A very understandable first reaction. But you are free.

What does Cryptocurrency solve? - Use of local resources, new employment opportunities, the creation of new brands that will not have to face global competition immediately, new product types, poverty and population explosion reduction, more equal distribution of income among residents, solution of the negative impacts of globalization in the less successful regions, reduce the onslaught of immigrants to prosperous cities and countries, encourage the return to the regions with lower population, the revival of agriculture, fruit growing, gastronomy, crafts, food, alternative energy, light industry, transport in regions, the construction of infrastructure can attract tourists, the possibility of economic experiments in the regions and their scientific investigation and assessment. In the economy, in contrast to the natural sciences, is in the fact even not possible to experiment.

How does Cryptocurrency solve it? - The use of local resources is the key to increasing income. Only a Cryptocurrency (but with different rules like bitcoin or FB Libra) can keep the money as long as possible in the village, district, republic. Local resources are not just agricultural products and manpower. Today it is also tourism, energetics, 3D printers, robots ... I know what to do and I know how to do it.

How does it work? - The Cryptocurrency has several characteristics different from other cryptocurrencies and will be attractive for user.

USD 44 billion is unrealistic - Facebook - 2.38 billion active users per month, net income 2018 USD 22.111 billion.

We receive 100 such requests every day - However, Cryptocurrency for 99% still doesn't exist.

Cryptourrency already exist. - Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are used by 3,000,000 users. They have a completely different aim.

FB prepares Libra - Cryptocurrency for 99% has a special attributes. People easily adopt it. I can't say more yet.

The use of Cryptocurrencies is very complicated. - My Cryptocurrency is very simple to use. Everyone can do it.

Will the Cryptocurrency replace the dollar or the euro? - Not at all, Cryptocurrency is an additional currency.

How much Cryptocurrency will it cost? - For users will be free. However, they must respect the Cryptocurrency rules.

What will generate profit? - Selling ads for companies, entrepreneurs, institutions, politicians, individuals on the site of the village and district - 4.5 billion users. Cryptocurrency will ensure high traffic and the effectiveness of advertising. Progressively selling more products (e-shops ...). As a attraction for clients, the website will be free. By the way - the basic version of Tatryana - only simple profiles of only 20% of Slovak companies has a visit rate of 300,000 visits per month.

You will not reach 4.5 billion users - There will be two phases.
Phase 1 - Software internet infrastructure for almost all countries in the world - company profiles (that's just a fraction) that accept the Cryptocurrency. Infrastructure preparation should last for a maximum of 6 months. I have tested it on the Tatryana project, which was programmed by a one programmer in six months. Tatryana exists only for Slovakia and is just a basic version. Software Internet infrastructure for all countries in the world will have much more functionality.
Phase 2 - Building a sales network (at least 100 countries). The sales director for each country will build a business structure in his country - about 1 trader per 100,000 inhabitants.

Why does the client pay us? - Because there is no Cryptocurrency for 99%, approximately 4.5 billion people over the age of 18. We offer targeted and therefore effective advertising to users from the municipality and district. We offer four types of most effective advertising for our clients, gradually other services.

When does it start to earn? - Immediately after launching infrastructure and engaging first trader. Programmers can program immediately.

Costs? - The contribution of each Libra partner is USD 10,000,000. I only need one such investor for the Cryptocurrency for 99% project. Shares - your share - 49%, my share - 51% (or my partners 17% - 17% - 17%). Possible agreement on profit distribution 55% -45% or 58% - 42% in your favor. I need to keep control of how the Cryptocurrency will look, but I'm willing to share the profit to the investor. Minimum share 1 000 000 USD - 4,9% (profit 5,1% or 5,4%).

Co-workers? - I need to pay quality people and show them the funding for the project for at least five years. There will be two Mensa International members. One of them is a top software expert on bank transaction security. I need at least 5 programmers, chief sales managers for 3 months ...

What else do I need? - Traders, sales network in 100 countries, gradually 190 countries + overseas territories. This is a requirement that is just as important as the initial investment and I am fully aware of its importance. At this point, I welcome any help that could speed up the project.

What are the basic numbers? - I want a minimum annual profit of EUR 10,000,000. Internet business margins are around 50%. So I need an income of EUR 20 000 000/200 states = EUR 100 000 per year per state = EUR 8 500 per month. The base cost of the ad is set to EUR 9 per month. So I need 1000 customers in every country. The price of the e-shop will depend on the turnover of the entrepreneur - I count EUR 99 per month. For this case, only 80 customers from each country would be enough. There are an estimated 600,000,000 companies and small businesses in the world (based on the number of 5 million inhabitants in Slovakia - more than 400,000 companies). If traders were able to gain 10% of the advertising market, the revenue would be 60,000,000 * EUR 9 = EUR 540,000,000 x 12 months = EUR 6,500,000,000 annually. If e-shops were to be sold to these companies, the income would be 65 billion EUR.

What will the client gain? - It is an unconditional income; every Cryptocurrency user will receive an equivalent of € 200 a month for 4 years. Why these numbers? For the past three years, the European Central Bank has allocated EUR 2.6 trillion, or EUR 7 800 per capita, including children, in the context of quantitative easing. We will do the same with Cryptocurrency, but for all people in the world over the age of 18. Of course, we will have the inflation sensors set and we will track the entire process with software tools and intervene in a timely manner. Thus, a customer over the age of 18 will receive around EUR 9,600 in the Cryptocurrency, which is primarily spent by local entrepreneurs.

How much do I need customers to have a million / two / five / ten monthly turnover? - For e-shop only, 10,000 (50 in each country), 20,000 (100 in each country), 50,000 (250 in each country), 100,000 (500 in each country).

Basic assumption - plenty of skilled traders. They will be greatly paid - 33% of each trade.

What happens when the assumptions are not fulfilled? - We will exchange traders or business directors across countries.

Other benefits? - We will have a lot of data on how unconditional income works, we want to provide it to universities for in-depth research. We will have detailed information about what is sold and at what price, applications are already thought out. However, we will avoid storing information about the buying habits of individuals. And I have over 100 other projects ready, some of which will be related to Cryptocurrency.

The uniqueness of the solution - of course it is unique, because no one has come with such a Cryptocurrency form yet.

How does the market look like? - There's no such Cryptocurrency yet.

Why does nobody in the world do it? - Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new thing, new projects are basically just copying bitcoin because it brings fabulous profits. Libra makes the same thing just for the user in a simple way. Economists do not promote new directions, because globalization produces good results. Simply, no one is considering toward local resources.

Who among the big players could do this and why not do it before we do? - When we talked about Libra, there was about 1% fear that they could come up with this idea and overtake me. Promoting creativity in corporations - this is a special topic.

What are the barriers to entry? - Legislative-political. In the beginning, the Cryptocurrency avoids countrys where different risks are at stake. Internet not working - I rely on Musk satellites, which should bring the Internet everywhere.

How does the market change with the entry of similar products? - I expect new job opportunities, the formation of new brands, new types of products.

What history does the team have, what did the founder do before? - I'm just a team. Co-workers will join later - they know about the project. I do the project outside my job because I enjoy it.

More projects from my ideas that work
- - 98 leagues, 1400 clubs - a unique overview of all players' activities - just the basic version
- - Linda Ranking - an alternative system for rating the long-term activity of athletes, can be used in all sports

What else i have? - More than 100 of my innovative projects waiting for realization. Everything can be done differently, better, more innovative - Cryptocurrency, business, rating in sports, alternative parliament, recruitment agency, school, language, newspapers, travel, social networks, dating, travelogues, football, radios, cafes, air tickets, sports, management of municipalities and small businesses, 3D printing, rating of hotels, restaurants, companies and many more - more than 100 projects. It is impossible to mention everything because the name will reveal the idea.

Winning the highest bid.

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